3 Principles of Yoga


Yoga, a sport derived from India, is popular now. Yoga can bring a lot of benefits, including helping maintain flexibility and muscle tone and develop breathing techniques that may be useful during labor. Here are key principles of yoga to have the healthy body.

Principles of Yoga

Principle 1: Relax properly – Savasana

Relaxing properly is a natural way to help restore the body recharge and nerves, reduce stress in the life. During complete relaxation, there is little energy or “prana” consumed. The amount of energy retained a little of the blood circulation in the body to maintain normal state while the majority is stored.

Principle 2: Exercise the right way – Asanas

This principle is built from the idea that your body is born for movements and exercises. The physical exercises of yoga are called asanas that is the steady posture kept in a fixed time period.

Like lubrication system in a carriage, asanas play role lubricating joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and the entire organ in the body, which makes the body strong and flexible, versatile.

Asanas focuses on the health of the spine, the residence of the important chakras of the body. By maintaining the flexibility and healthy spine through the asanas, the blood circulation is increased and the nervous system ensures adequate supply of nutrients and gases flexibility. Therefore, the endocrine system (glands and hormones) is rejuvenated, which helps maintain normal oxygen, calm the nervous system, improve blood circulation, relieve stress and increase human emotions and improve outlook.

When done slowly and consciously associating with regulating breathing, asanas is far beyond mere physical benefits and becomes mental fitness in concentration and meditation. An hour of asanas will give you benefits of training by an hour of exercise, deep breathing an hour and an hour of meditation.

Principle 3: Breath properly – Pranayama

Breathing properly means to breathe to the rhythm, to use of all parts of the lungs to absorb oxygen increased. Breathing correctly means breathing slow, deep and in rhythm. Yoga applies breathing by abdomen to increase energy (prana). All the diseases can be eradicated by controlling and regulating prana. During normal breathing you have only very little storage prana but with breathing way in yoga we will reserve an amount much larger prana. When you are abundant in your prana energy, you will radiate vitality, the process of metabolism and aging process will slow down, you’re always fresh and energized.



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