3 leading causes of obesity


Nowadays, the percentage of obesity is sharply increasing, so everyone is also becoming more interested in this subject.

There are many reasons which lead to obesity, but researchers have pointed out 3 main causes including nutritious diet, sleeplessness and genetics.


Nutritious diet

According to He Jiang, chief researcher at Tulane University, New Orleans (USA), eating too much, especially sweets, fats and soda, combined with sedentary habit is the main cause leading to obesity. And this situation is currently common in many developing countries.


In addition, Trade Standards Institute of England also said that rich-salty and fat food is also one of the factors causing obesity at children. In fact, some types of food such as fried potatoes, desserts, candy, pizza and canned food contains higher fat and salt than allowed.


A study by American scientists on humans and animals suggests that prolonged insomnia may stimulate appetite. They said that sleeping time is inversely proportional to your weight, meaning that if you get insomnia, you will be more prone to gain weight than people who sleep well.

Another experiment on 500 people aged 27 to 40 for thirteen years found that those who gained weight most often sleep less than six hours per night.

According to scientists, the children sleep less than 10 hours / day have a 3.5 time higher risk of overweight than those sleeps more than 12 hours / day. As a result, in recent decades, the obesity and insomnia has become a big problem attracting more attention of society.


A group of French scientists has recently discovered a new gene called GAD 2 which can be inherited from the generation of parents to their children. This gene has the function of promoting the production of a neurotransmitter called GABA. When this neurotransmitter interacts with other molecules in the hypothalamus, it will make people feel appetite.

This is the basis explaining why the fat eats more than the others. As reported by the Chinese experts, according to a survey on 1,556 obese parents, there are 60% of their children obese.

There are two types of GAD 2: One type has function of fighting obesity and the other will increase the risk of obesity. The researchers said that with the discovery of this gene, in a few years, people will detect a new method to identify those who are at risk of obesity and make the effective prevention.



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