3 harmful drinks after meals

If you want to have a healthy body, you should get away from 3 following harmful drinks right after the meal.

harmful drinks

Concentrated tea

Concentrated tea

Drinking tea after meals is a typical habit of Vietnamese and Turkish. They think tea helps clean their mouth and make better digestion. Actually it is definitely the opposite if you drink concentrated tea. According to experts, the tea leaf contains tannic acid bulk so drinking concentrated tea after meals will make protein that have not been digested combine with tannic acid then forming precipitate, that affects the protein absorption. Accompany it creates compounds that make the digestive system stagnant, foods absorbed difficultly, risk of constipation and harmful substances accumulate in the body increased. The substance in tea leaves also hinder iron absorption. If you keep drinking concentrated tea right after a meal as your habit in a long time, you’ll get iron deficiency anemia. Besides, drinking tea right after meals gives a large amount of water into the stomach also affecting the digestion of foods. Especially those with anemia should avoid tea after meal. The best time for tea is at least one hour after meal.


Water wave

Drinking too much water after a meal will make your belly bigger as well as your stomach stretched. This will affect the digestion and make food digestion process stalled. Also, drinking water will make you go to the toilet a lot. If this situation goes on, it is likely you will suffer from stomach illness.

Fruit juice

Fruits contain a high amount of sugar, so drinking fruit juice immediately after the meal will increase the burden on the digestion, absorption of the stomach and pancreas. Especially natural micro-elements in ripe fruits form soluble substances affecting absorption.

Fruit juice

Moreover fruits also contain a large amount of acid, sugar, glucose, fructose, starch, etc. which cause us to digest slower and later and not to get benefit from vitamins we have in our meal.

Fruit juices such as grapes, oranges, tangerines, pears contain many plavon. This matter is resolved tioxianic acid by intestinal bacteria to inhibit the function of the thyroid, and it will cause some diseases if this last a long time.

Therefore it is the best to drink fruit juice after a meal from 2 to 3 hours after meals when foods in the stomach have digested.

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