3 easy-to-follow tips to burn belly fat


Belly fat is the amount of fat stored in and around your abdominal organs, which not only influences your body shape, but more importantly puts you in higher risks of numerous serious menaces such as stroke, dementia, heart attack or even cancer. Therefore, it is very essential to lose this dangerous belly fat by starting to sway and make several health-promoting changes to your lifestyle. Let’s look at the following advice:

  1. Have a healthy diet:

Diet is considered to be the main factor of growing of fat, so you should pay more attention to what you eat to be healthier and be in good shape:

Eat the right types of fat (like monounsaturated fats): this type of fat may reduce visceral or belly fat by up to 25% over low-fat diets, as well as contribute significantly to  diabetes, stoke reduction and enhance your blood vessels’ function. You can find it in some foods like olives, seeds, nuts, olive oil, nut butters or canola oil.

burn belly fat

Drink more water: 8 liters of water daily is highly recommended, which keeps your body more satisfied and hydrated (regulating blood pressure and body temperature)

Drink more water

Eat whole grain foods: they are considerably high in protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals, which will make you strong but not fat.

Increase the number of fresh food and vegetables:  they are all low calorie foods, but nutrients and high in fibers and help to burn belly fat and lose weight.

  1. Figure out and cope with the causes:

Cut back on sugar:

Let’s say “no” with sugary beverages (like sports drinks, juices or sodas), foods and sweet candies made from refined white flour (such as cracks, pasta or chips) due to the fact that they are proved to be one of the main culprits of belly fat.

Cut back on sugar

Don’t drink more alcohol:

Many scientists has stated that the increase in alcohol consumption has a close link with the increased amount of fat (both visceral and belly) because some kinds of alcohol combine with sugary beverages will pose the risks of producing fat.

  1. Exercise regularly and increase activities:

Spend 2 to 3 days a week for doing interval workouts:

daily activities

As University of Chicago found that those who have 3 out of 5 cardio exercises each week will have tendency to burn more belly fat, though they burn the same calories during the workout. You can do to the gyms in which interval programs are available for you.

Increase your daily activities:

You had better be more active during the day, which not only makes you feel more energetic and enthusiastic, but brings you similar benefits of doing a 150-minute cardio per week as well.

Exercise regularly and increase activities

These above are 3 easy-to-follow tips for your attempt to lose weight and burn belly fat to have a good shape. Let’s try!

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