10 nutrient-rich foods to prevent diseases


Healthy lifestyle begins with choosing healthy foods. These nutrient-rich foods below can significantly improve health.

nutrient-rich foods


Avocado is known as the super food for both health and beauty. It is abundant in folic acid which has anti-inflammatory effect as well as increasing the level of absorption of the body. This fruit is ideal for salads. Avocado contains high nutrient content, more importantly, you do not have to worry about the high fat content like when eating other foods. You can make ice cream with avocado flavor, it is worth trying once because of the great taste of this combination. 


Many people prefer almond by its taste and the effect of improving their overall health. This nut is rich in vitamin E  which supports cardiovascular health.

Sweet potato

This beta carotene-rich tuber is a precursor of vitamin A which protects the body from vitamin A deficiency, prevents blindness and helps to form a healthy immune system. Sweet potato is easy to cook into delicious dishes such as boiled or steamed sweet potato which helps balance sugar in blood and provide vitamin A good for eyesight. You can maximize the nutrients in sweet potato by adding small amounts of healthy fats such as olive oil and served with the vegetable.


Eating blueberry supports the memory since it contains oxidants, vitamin C and fiber. The fruit has a low sugar content to help maintain stable sugar levels in the blood. Blueberry still maintains nutrient content when frozen, so you can be assured of enjoying this fruit transported from faraway places.


Apple is abundant in vitamin C and soluble fiber that can improve glucose level in blood. Apple is a fruit works to rejuvenate the skin thanks to the antioxidant effect. It promotes the production of collagen. ‘An apple a day, the doctor away’ – as saying by word of mouth about the benefits of this fruit.


This fish has high omega 3 content. A recent study shows that eating salmon improves cardiovascular function, helps for anti-depressants effect and improves memory – very useful for those who always suffer from stress.


Using this grain has been proven to  be useful for prevention of some diseases such as breast cancer and colon cancer. Oat is a good source of soluble fiber which reduces cholesterol levels in blood.


This kind of vegetable should be a part of a healthy diet for supplementing essential vitamins for the body. Kale is rich in calcium and high nutrient content. Many studies have proved that kale is likely to prevent cancer effectively.


This is a familiar spice in meals which is effective in strengthen the immune system of the body as well as prevent some diseases.


Supplementing broccoli regularly helps detoxifying the body. This food  was proved to have the ability of preventing cancer and reducing inflammation.



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