10 Easy-to-follow tips to maintain Emotional Fitness

Emotional fitness is our ability to accept negative feelings and find out some methods to deal with them when arising to improve your life quality better. Feelings can attack the brain and result in doing something that make you regret later. Now, let’s look at several ways to enhance and stay emotionally fit.

Emotional fitness

  1. Breathe calmly:

When you have feeling of stress or depression, let’s take a calming breathe by breathing slowly and holding your breath a few seconds, then breathe out slowly and end by smiling softly.

  1. Follow a regular stress measurement

You can consult this scale: if you are totally calm, it is one, normal stress in case of five and over the top stress is 10. Depending on your position, let’s think logically about how things can go. If you get a lower grade, it means that your life isn’t as bad as the suffering of others in the world today. On the contrary, if you are a higher number, bear in mind that your situation needs a lot improvements.

  1. Walk

This is a simple but extremely effective solution to release stress.

  1. Have a supportive family or friends

Spending time chatting or playing some games with your family of close friends may pose dramatic effects on our feelings.

Therefore, remember to keep in touch with beloved ones.

  1. Spend time out for yourself

Spending time to develop and rejuvenate emotionally is really essential especially when you are facing with a lot of stress or depression from work or life.

Let’s take up some relaxing hobbies. It’s really a good advice.

  1. List out positive things you have

Another suggestion is that you may try to fill at least A4 paper with good and positive points in your life. After listing all these good points, you will certainly feel cheerful, lucky or even proud of what you’ve done and achieved.

  1. Smile!

Let’s start and end the day with a smile, it means that you begin a new day with a total energetic and enthusiastic spirit and finish that day with satisfaction. However, don’t forget to smile a lot during this day, smile at your friends, your colleagues, your family, or even the passer-by in the street.

  1. Remember that all sorts of emotions are equal

Depression, anger and confusion also play an equally vital role in our lives as contentment and happiness due to the fact that it makes us be human, distinguish from other kinds of animals. The good always comes together with the bad and overcoming  the bad there helps us to appreciate the good more.

  1. Express yourself (emotion and thoughts)

Take out a sheet of paper and a pen or even spoken word can help us convey our feelings as well as thoughts, which may make you less stressful and more comfortable.

  1. Appreciate the silence moment

Let’s find somewhere quiet and peaceful (a library or a park, for instance or wherever), then spend about five minutes listening to the quiet surrounding you. It will certainly make you calm and immediately forget some troubles or problems that cause your stress.

These above are 10 tips that you can follow to keep your emotional fitness.


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