Zika virus: El Salvador advises against pregnancy until 2018


In response to the wide spread of Zika virus in Latin America and the Caribbean, the health officials in El Salvador has advised women in that country not to become pregnant until 2018 in order to protect from the birth defects which are generated by Zika virus.

El Salvador

El Salvador, along with 7 other countries and regions, has just been added to the advisory list of C.D.C (Centre of Disease Control and Prevention) as there exists some Zika-infected cases here. Other countries and regions have also taken some measures to fight with the disease. Like El Salvador, Colombia and Ecuador, in the Latin America, and Jamaica in the Caribbean have advised to delay pregnancies, though not until 2 years. Furthermore, different tactics have been implemented by other countries in Latin America, with an aim to warn the citizens not to be bitten by the mosquitos which carry Zika viruses.

Up to now the region which is affected by Zika the most is Brazil, where over a million cases have been reported. Around 4,000 cases are associated with microcephaly in babies, leading to tiny heads and brain damage.

El Salvador appears to be the country which takes the strongest action so far, though the advisory is not an official one. However, almost of the citizens of that region are Roman Catholic, thus raising the concern from the Church. Additionally, plenty of Salvadorans want to know the reasons for upending the national birthrate so as to offset the effects of Zika virus.

They also suspected that recommendation would not work as the pregnancies in El Salvador is unplanned. Others think it links with the lack of coherent strategy of the government, resulting in the difficulties when dealing with epidemic.

Hence, the Salvadoran officials protected their strategy in an interview. Eduardo Antonio Espinoza Fiallos, the vice minister of health stated that their measures are to reduce the incidence of microcephaly in El Salvador. As almost of the babies involved in that phenomenon will have some limitations with their mental faculties, though still alive.

The impacts of Zika virus on almost everyone are not severe. The victims sometimes even don’t know that they are infected because the symptoms are not so clear. Up to now there is no vaccine or treatment for this disease.



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