Vaginitis and risk of infertility

Nowadays vaginitis, a gynecological pathology, is quite popular, especially women of childbearing age are often the most at risk. This disease not only cause problems in daily life activities by itching sensation, discomfort, but also affected the health.


According to Vietnam Health Ministry statistics, the incidence of gynecological inflammation in the last 5 years in women is on the increase, the average annual increase of between 15% and 27%, including vaginal infections by bacteria, fungi accounted for 85%.

Although it’s not difficult to treat disease but if not handled promptly, it may threaten the quality of life, and the risk of premature birth, miscarriage, infertility, etc.

Types of vaginitis

Bacterial vaginosis can lead to chorioamnionitis, amniotic fluid infection, premature birth, or even cause miscarriage in pregnant women. And the treatment is fairly simple, the symptoms may go away after one or two week using medications. However, the disease is still capable of recurrence when favorable conditions.

Besides, flagellata can also cause this disease. Flagellata is a parasite that is capable of transmission through sexual contact, causing infection for both men and women. Like bacterial infection, inflammation caused by flagellata also is a reason of infertility. If your vaginal discharge is liquid, foam and odors, you should see the doctor because this is the typical symptoms of the disease. In addition, patients are accompanied by signs of itching, irritation in the vagina, pain during sex or defecating.

In addition, fungal is also a reason of vaginitis. This reason mainly occurs in pregnant women because their vaginal environment changes, many secretions, blood sugar changes, etc. They are good conditions for fungal development. Although the disease is not dangerous to the health of the fetus, but it causes irritated and uncomfortable feel for the mother. Therefore, if you have signs such as much white blood, vaginal irritation, you should seek diagnosis and treatment early.

The risk of infertility due to vaginal infections

Vaginitis often makes you uncomfortable, frustrating in everyday life. It also affects physiology and causes agitated, depressed.

Vaginitis is not dangerous and does not affect the life but it can cause more serious consequences such as obstructing the process of conception, influence to fertility of women. Therefore, you need to treat this disease early and prevent complications of the disease.

Protecting your reproductive health

You should have pelvic exam twice a year. With this way, you can control your own health. You can also detect and treat the disease timely, thereby preventing the consequences of diseases.

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