Using phone in the toilet can cause many dangerous diseases


Using phone in the toilet is the habit of many people and you think that this is completely harmless, but in fact it can cause many diseases for you and your relatives as well.

Using phone in the toilet

  1. Blood infection, kidney failure and pneumonia

Toilet is the refuge of millions of E. coli bacteria. When you step into the toilet, the bacteria easily stick to your hands and body items. After going out of the toilet, you will wash your hands and the clothes after a day will also be cleaned and dry. However, the phone that you carry to the toilet is not washed. Therefore, the bacteria will stay there, accumulating day by day and easily penetrate into your body, make you sick.

Not only E. coli bacteria, but also dozens of other dangerous bacteria from the toilet will stick to your phone to anywhere.

– E. coli bacteria can cause bloody diarrhea, blood infection, kidney failure or pneumonia which can lead to death.

– Salmonella bacteria can cause diarrhea, gastroenteritis, typhoid, in the case of Salmonella spreading from the intestines to the bloodstream and other organs, it can cause serious complications.

– C. difficile bacteria can cause diarrhea, colitis, even the death.

Experts said that the bacteria are becoming more dangerous, so do not wonder why human health seems to be increasingly weakened and more susceptible to disease.

  1. The risk of hemorrhoids

Most people who have a habit of bringing their phone into the toilet admit that the phone made them sit in the bathroom longer than usual. The sitting posture with no support in the fundament in a long time can increases the risk of hemorrhoids many times. Moreover, the long sitting on the toilet will cause engorgement of pelvic cavity and anal bleeding.

  1. The risk of brain ischemia

Many people believe that there is no correlation between the lack of blood to the brain with the habit of taking the phone into the toilet. But in fact they are completely interrelated. Evidences show that using phone in the toilet can make you sit there for hours because it causes you forget about time. Sitting in a long time can cause blood congestion and when you stand up, blood cannot be pumped into the brain immediately, causing lightheadedness and dizziness. This can cause brain ischemia and memory loss as well.



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