Top 3 Gout’s Common Symptoms


Gout is a disease which affects the joints. However, it often causes damage around the big toe of foot. When someone complains about gout, you will realize that they are facing with some problems with their foot. This is a result of sodium urate crystals which form around a joint, and get inside of the joint. There are many symptoms of Gout. Obviously, pain is also included in symptoms. This condition is mainly caused by uric acid which builds up in the blood. Uric acid is a waste product that our body always makes. Then, it is usually excreted via urine. Once substance is not removed properly, it starts to form crystals taking the shape of short, and sharp needles.

Those crystals will grow slowly and inflict serious pain within the joints. Normally, the joints of big toe become damaged seriously which make it difficult to walk. Here are top 3 common symptoms of Gout that not everybody knows.

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  1. Toe pain

A common thing we know is that the big toe is always the first joint to be affected. Especially, in some cases, it is the only joint affected by Gout! That the big toe begins to hurt is the first signal. The pain will start on the toe joint then spread from the toenail. Moreover, you will also notice some considerable swelling because the body makes an effort to solve the problem and prevent the damaged area from any further problems.

  1. Constant tenderness

You have to begin experiencing tenderness expanding further than just the joint of big toe along with the pain. The tender with the feeling spreading up the foot is also founded in this case. Even, it can spread further up the leg. In case it is only one of your big toes which are affected by gout, immediately, the pain will rise slowly up past the ankle and leg. The constant tenderness may last for lots of weeks. You will find it difficult to walk. In some cases, if you don’t get gout treated, the problem will continue simply. That is the reason why you have to speak to a doctor once detecting that you get gout.

  1. Sudden pain

Surely, you will feel general pain around the toe area. However, people who suffer from gout have to experience sudden shocks of pain.

This means that you feel absolutely alright during day and then suddenly you feel a shock of pain throughout your body. This sudden pain stops you from doing anything for a short while.  Standing or walking for too long can cause such sudden pain. To deal with unexpected pain, you can ask your doctor so that she/he would prescribe drugs which can help you reduce these random shocks of pain.



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