The danger from using lipstick


Lipstick abuse not only affects the health but also can be dangerous to your life.

Kevin Farrow, the author of Skin Deep, said that there is not any cosmetic on the market without using toxic chemicals. The chemicals like parabens, methacrylate and lead which are found in lipsticks can be really harmful to health.


Katharine Hammond, an expert on environmental health sciences, said: “The finding of the metals in lipstick is not the problem, but the concentration of the metal will be the real problem. There are some metals with exceed toxic levels can affect health badly when used for long periods.” According to research by the University of California, USA published in USA Today, the lipsticks for women contain many heavy metals and all of them are extremely toxic chemicals. In which, the chromium can cause stomach cancer while cadmium may be associated with lung cancer.

Besides, lead and copper in lipstick can cause reactions with enzymes in the stomach and disrupt the normal function of the digestive system.

Lipstick has also been found to contain a certain amount of aluminum and manganese which can cause Alzheimer’s disease affecting a lot to memory and brain activity.

Dr. Ken Spaeth, Director of Occupational and Environmental Medical Center in New York, said: “The metal sets a series of potential risks to health, including damage to the brain, nerves seizures, kidney, as well as causing many types of cancer.”

lipstick abuse

According to the researchers, methylparaben, a preservative used in many cosmetics can cause cancer and disrupt the endocrine system as well.

Moreover, Petrochemical, a chemical substance that is extracted from crude oil and natural gas is also one of the substances used in lipstick harmful to health. The consumption of this substance may cause endocrine disorders, preventing the development of reproductive, developmental intelligence. page confirmed that lipsticks contain Propylene / Butylene Glycol (PG) which, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is present in the composition of the fertilizer, the automotive coolant or antifreeze. It can irritate the eyes and skin as well as disrupting the endocrine system.

Lanolin is also an important ingredient commonly found in lipstick. Many researchers say that they can be absorbed through the skin and have features such as a vacuum cleaner attracting solid particles (metal, silicon …), fungi and microorganisms in the air.

Anyway, children are not allowed to use lipstick since it can affect the nervous system. Besides pregnant women and lactating mothers should also avoid using lipstick because it may cause harm to the fetus.

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