Sugar can pose a higher risk for cancers, new study found


A new study carried out by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center reveals that sugar-enriched diets can pose a higher risk for certain types of cancers including breast cancer.


In the study, mice were provided fructose and sucrose in the same amounts as a Western diet typically consumed. Then they studied mice that were genetically modified for breast cancer research and divided them into four groups. Each group was fed a different diet with different amounts of sugar for about 6 months.

After that, researchers found that a diet containing sugar amounts similar to the typical Western diet caused an increase growth of tumor and the spread of lung cancer. 50 to 58 percent of the mice on a sucrose-enriched diet had developed mammary tumors, while only 30 percent of those on a non-sugar but starch-based diet had developed measurable tumors. It is concluded that this way is how sugar affects the inflammatory pathway leading to cancer growth.

Researchers investigated the mechanisms involved in the growth and spread of tumors in the mice and found that sugar increases the growth of 12-LOX enzyme and 12-HETE acid in breast cancer cells. Fructose was also found as a cause of the increased risk of 12-HETE in breast tumors and the spread of cancer to the lungs as well.

Normally, too much sugar can lead to insulin resistance or diabetes, but there is not much evidence that sugar can cause cancer. However, we can recognize a strong association between sugar and cancer. Excessive sugar metabolized in the liver would be concerted to fat. Then buildup of belly fat and cytokines resulted from this metabolism can increase your risk of cancer.

According to these findings and other research also suggesting a link between excessive sugar consumption and cancer, the researchers suggest a low-sugar diet for better health. Beside cancer, over sugar consumption is also a major risk for other health diseases such as obesity and heart disease.

Even though, sugar consumption in the United States is increasing. Many Americans consume about double that amount. Average consumption of American is about 100 to 150 pounds of sugar per year, and many of them are consuming about double the amount of sugar recommended by American Heart Association. It is advised that each woman should have no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar per day while this number for men is 9 teaspoons.

It is important to be able to recognize the hidden sugars in food, as many people don’t realize that sugar isn’t just found within “sugar” on a food label but within other various ingredients such as lactose fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose, and dextrose. While it seems impossible to totally avoid sugar, people can be cable to choose the healthier from natural sugars such as agave nectar and honey. Artificial sugars should be avoided.

In conclusion, sugar should be still in a balanced diet with small amounts. If you are craving sugar, you should satisfy yourself by consuming naturally sweet fruits. By this way, you can get the necessary nutrients while avoid the high risk of diseases like cancer.



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