Secrets to improve fetus’s intelligence from the early stage


Unsurprisingly, all of parents expect that their children would be clever and smart when they grow up. However, they might not be aware that mother’s diets play an important role to build up mental capacity of a baby during pregnancy. In fact, a scientific diet would provide sufficiency of nutritious components for baby’s completely intellectual development. It is noteworthy that only supplement of healthy foods are necessary, but mothers should prepare tips to strengthen baby’s brainpower. Therefore, pregnant women ought to pay attention to take care in the right way fetus from the scratch.

Taking care of unborn babies is considerably important to help them completely develop until they are born Source: The Internet
  1. Methods to help babies memorize quickly and learn how to speak soon

Because mothers and babies seems normally to have a especial links to each other, mother’s emotions, feelings and communication manner would partly have potential effects on unborn babies

It is suggested that women during pregnancy should have a chat with babies every day. For example, mothers can either share happy things they experienced in their daily lives or talk about whatever things happen in a day exception for sad or tragic events. This would support babies get familiar to mother’s voice and mother tongue language at the first start. Consequently, kids are capable of speaking effectively after being born

  1. Physical activities to enhance both of mother and baby’s health

Mothers should not have passive and sedentary lifestyle during gestation period, for instance just sitting at a place or lying on beds, except for doctor’s guidelines. It is a great idea for mothers to walking around every day and enjoy fresh air and sunshine in the morning in 15 minutes per day to help their bodies absorb vitamin D.

In addition, mothers enable to take up yoga class or swimming with the instruction of a medical expert. It is important that mothers follow a training fitting in their physical health. Scientifically, participating in activities for about 30 minutes per day and at least 3 times per week is reasonable to make mothers and babies stronger

  1. Music is a miracle clue for brain growth

Music possibly boosts the brain development and learns everything faster and better. It is likely more beneficial if mother regularly listen to classical music melodic rhythms. Moreover, it is said that instrumental music performed by musical instrument such as piano and violin is also a good choice for pregnant women.



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