New York ’s Zika plan will include “protection kits” for pregnant women


The Health Officials of New York have published a new plan with an aim to prevent Zika transmission and limit the outbreak of that virus in that area.

New York's Zika virus

 According to this plan, scientists are testing thousands of mosquitoes in New York for Zika. They will watch and check the Aedes mosquito, which has carried Zika virus throughout Central and South America.

Statement from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo indicates that even though researchers have not clarified that whether Aedes mosquitoes in New York States transmit Zika or not, approximately 60 thousand of mosquitoes in that area will be trapped and tested each month.

What’s more, “Zika protection kits” will be freely distributed to pregnant women in the areas where Zika may spread. In these kits, there will be insect repellent, condoms (for their partners to prevent from sexual transmission), and larvicide tablets which can kill mosquito larvae to use in standing water. Initially, there will be 20,000 kits which state will give to the health care providers so that they can send to pregnant women.

Cuomo stated that aggressive actions have been taken by the states with an effort to lower the possibility of Zika outbreak in New York. A first-in-the-nation action plan have been carried out, which will help get rid of Zika, decreasing the potential transmission and preventing mothers from getting infected.

Normally, Zika only causes mild illness such as fever, rash, joint paint, etc., concerns have been recently raised as that virus is suspected of bringing about birth defects called microcephaly to babies of infected pregnant women, which results in abnormally small head and brain damage. That virus are transmitted by mosquitoes and through sexual contact.

Up to now mosquito-transmission of Zika has not been confirmed in the U.S yet. The infected cases reported in that country are people who have been infected by travelling to Zika-affected areas or by having sexual activity with infected travelers. However, there is likelihood of mosquito transmission as the Aedes mosquito appear in some areas in that country.

The plan includes 6 steps:

  • Distribute 100,000 larvicide tablets to eliminate mosquito breeding;
  • Deploy mosquito traps in 1,000 location each month;
  • Provide pregnant women with protection kits;
  • Deploy a “rapid response team” if any cases of mosquito transmission are confirmed so as to develop an action plan;
  • Require all health officials submit action plan towards Zika;
  • Conduct a “public awareness campaign”.




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