Negative effects of technology for health


Today technology devices have become an indispensable part of the life. However, abusing them will cause harmful effects for the health. There are some symptoms showing that your health is being “damaged” by technology devices.

Negative effects of technology for health

Headache and fatigue

As you spend too much time using electronics such as computers, phones, etc., your head is always down with a fixed position for a long time, which makes neck stiff and impacts on the nerves causing headaches. This situation lasted due to the work or habit will make you feel tired. Light exercises will help your neck is relaxed and you’ll feel better.


Another negative effect of using technological devices too much is a reason of insomnia. Biological clock will be diverted easily by smart phones, computers. In addition, the light from the screen of the technological device affects the increasing of melatonin that helps regulate the biological sleep. Getting away from those stuffs will help you have a better sleep.

Muscle aches

The technological devices are not only very useful for working or studying but also entertainment. However, as you abuse them and often sit in one pose, it causes muscles aches. The hand and wrist while working continuously put pressure on the joints and soft tissues, which make hands numb or painful. At that time, outdoor exercise or yoga will help you relax better after a stressful working day.

Lazy eyes

Watching television and using computer too much cause problems about eyes. A habit of using the phone in low light can make eyes painful and amblyopia. To protect the eyes, you should keep eyes relaxing about 5 minutes after each hour working with technological devices. Looking at green trees or closing your eyes will make you feel better. You should ingest more foods that contain much vitamin A, which will help eyes brighter.

Get more acne

Phone’s screen and computer’s keyboard contain a lot of bacteria that can penetrate the skin when you’re in contact with phones, which causes more acne. We need to drink enough water every day and ingest more fruits, which make you have a better skin.

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