More than 100 cases of Zika confirmed in the U.S


A recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that there are 116 cases of Zika infection founded in the United States.

All of these 116 cases was test positive for Zika virus by lad tests at the CDC. That number includes an infant who has severe microcephaly symptoms.

Mosquito sucking blood on a human hand
Mosquito sucking blood on a human hand

According to a report published in March 18, though these 116 cases were reported from January 1st, 2015to February 26th, 2016, over 75% of this figure admitted that they had been ill since 2016. Patients are at every age, from infant to 81 year-old. 10 percent of the infected people are children and youngsters who are under 18 years old, and 65% of the cases confirmed were women.

According to CDC, the patients come from 33 states and Washington, D.C. They all admitted that they had travelled to Zika-affected areas or having sex with such travellers. 110 of 116 patients reported that they had gone to areas where Zika was widespread, including one mother, whose baby has microcephaly. As reported, she was infected by Zika in Brazil, during the very first trimester. The other 5 cases got infected as they had sexual contact with infected person, who had just returned from infected area.

El Salvador, Haiti, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala are 5 countries where are visited the most, CDC said.

Besides, U.S Health Officials predicted that there would be some mosquito-transmitted cases, yet there has been no report about any cases of infection by mosquito transmission in the United States. Also, they has announced that Zika has been found in males’ semen, and given advice that men who have pregnant partners and come back from Zika-affected areas should restrain from sex, or use condom when having sex til the baby is born.

Though normally, Zika virus only causes mild illness, concerns have been raised as Zika is suspected of bring about microcephaly to babies of infected pregnant mothers. Microcephaly is the condition when infants have tiny heads and brain damage.

Except the infected infant, 115 patients reported they got mild symptoms of Zika virus. The most common one is rash (113 patients), fever (94 patients) and joint pain (76 patients). There are also some other mild symptoms like headache, muscle pain and pink eyes. According to the report, almost all of the patients have at least 2 symptoms, and nearly 70% of them have more than three.

Four of the 116 patients were sent to the hospital, yet no deaths have been confirmed.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warned that there will be an increase in the infected cases among traveller, resulting in the possibility of local transmission in the future.



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