How to protect your eyes when using a computer


Nowadays people spend time in front of a computer because of working, studying and entertainment. Unfortunately, this can result in eye strain or injury. Therefore you should protect your eyes from diseases about eyes when using computer daily. Here are some tips for you to have healthy eyes.

How to protect your eyes when using a computer

Reduce radiation from the screen

Glare and reflected light from a computer screen projecting directly in the eye will make your eyes uncomfortable. According to eye specialists, the position of computer screen should be placed far 19 – 24 inches away from your eyes. You can also adjust the screen brightness to fit right or add filters for the screen. Using liquid-crystal display (LCD) is also better for your eyes.


We normally blink about 20 times every minute. However, focusing on a screen can drop by as much as half. This means your eyes are at much greater risk of drying out when working on the computer. Since your body won’t blink as much naturally, you’ll have to be conscious of this and force yourself to blink.

If you find this too distracting, try the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes when you work with the computer, look at an object in the distance 20 feet (about 6 meters) in 20 seconds. This will help the eyes and nervous system relaxed.

Ask your eye doctor about specialized glasses

Some glasses are specifically tinted to reduce glare from computer screens. Your doctor can recommend a good pair that will help properly protect your eyes from computer glare. These are available in prescription and OTC versions.

Make sure you only use lenses specifically designed to reduce computer glare because reading glasses isn’t useful in this situation.

Use artificial tears

People over 40 often get symptoms of dry eyes when working on computers. According to experts, the habit of staring at the screen or rarely blinking while reading a book, magazine makes eyes dry. You should use artificial tears to protect your eyes and avoid looking at the screen continuously over 20 minutes.

Don’t look at the screen before going to bed

Human have been “programmed” to work during the day and to sleep at night. According to doctors, using technology devices before going to bed will stimulate the mind and cause sleep problems. You should turn off the computer, television and telephone at least two hours before bedtime so you feel asleep and sleep better.



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