Honey – The miracle medication from nature


Many people may wonder that why serving honey constantly would be good for their health while honey consists of a high amount of sugar. In fact, enormous benefits of honey are carefully investigated by experts. Drinking a glass of warm water with honey either improves your health or prevents from dangerous diseases effectively.

Source: The Internet

1. Strengthen the immune system

Scientifically, honey enables to boost immunity naturally because this sweet sticky yellow substance produced by bees could destroy bacteria but add necessary enzymes, vitamins and minerals for the body.

2. Eliminate toxins and harmful chemicals out of the body.

Enjoying a glass of warm honey water is thought to be the greatest therapy to remove toxic components and waste from the body. Another tip for you is adding lemon juice in warm honey water to stimulate functions of excretory system.

3. Lose weight

Surprisingly, it is true that honey contains a certain quantity of sugar itself. However, natural components of sugar in honey are completely different from white sugar. It is noteworthy the nature of sugar will satisfy your gluttony of sweet foods and make you get away from ice cream, coke or chocolate. Actually, if you regularly drink money water instead of other beverages, your body will absorb 64% less the amount of calories.

4. Relieve throat sore

It is likely that warm honey water is a favorite drink in winter. The reason is that the warm water with honey probably reduces unpleasant pain in your throat and keeps your body warm as well. Honey is beneficial remedy to treat common cold. Hence, you should reserve honey at home and serve it immediately with warm water whenever you have a bad cold

5. Stabilize the concentration of sugar in blood

AS mention above, honey is high in natural sugar. Combination of fructose and glucose helps truly support the body to achieve a balance of sugar in blood and then prevents people from deficiency of blood. In addition, healthy substances in honey possibly reduce blood pressure and cholesterols in blood.

6. Have positive effects on cardiovascular system.

Anti-oxidants in honey are significantly useful prevent against heart-related diseases and reduce potential risks of stroke. Researchers showed that honey could slow down the process of oxidizing of cholesterols in blood which is the main cause of heart attack and even acute myocardial infarction.



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