Google Cardboard is applied to save a Baby’s Life


Recently, Google Cardboard was used to map out a surgery that saved a baby’s life.

According to CNN, a baby called Teegan Lexcen born with just one lung and half a heart is supposed to recover from the surgery, thanks to Google Cardboard contraption and an innovative operation.


The surgery of that Minnesota little girl was planned by doctors of at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, with the help of Google Cardboard Glasses – a VR product which costs only less than $20 online. The doctors in Minnesota had told Teegan’s parents that her unique situation is helpless and sent her home but two months later, she was still alive so the Lexcens started looking for other options. Her dad even read an article called ““The 20 Most Innovative Pediatric Surgeons Alive Today,” and thanks God, they found Dr. Redmond Burke, the chief of cardiovascular surgery at Micklaus Hospital.

They contacted the doctor and got response immediately. Burke and his team at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital quickly came up with some ways to save the little girl. At first he wanted to create a 3D model of Teegan’s heart but the printer was out of service so he turned to virtual reality with the help of Dr. Juan Carlos Muniz, a pediatric cardiologist specializing in imaging. They purchased a Google Cardboard, using the app Sketchfab to download 3D images of the heart on their iPhones so as to view every angle of the heart accurately.

Thanks to Google Cardboard, Burke found that not only did Teegan’s heart have bad shape but it also located farther to the left of her chest, which motivated him to do a clamshell incision on her. The Cardboard enabled him to easier access to Teegan’s heart. And then, a new surgical procedure for the little girl was carefully planned.

The operation happened on Dec. 10, 2015. Everything was well-prepared so the 7 hours-long surgery was completely successful without wasting any single second of the doctors. It was the first time Burke and Muniz applied Google Cardboard to their operation but it really reached their expectations.

Teegan Lexcen, after the surgery, is on the way to recover and is expected to say goodbye to the hospital by mid January. Cassidy Lexcen, Teegan’s mother could not believe that her daughter’s life had been saved just by a little cardboard and a phone.



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