Drug trial in France: 5 patients improve, 1 comes back home


Drug trial in France:18 other volunteers have been checked so far but there found no medical anomalies.

It has been announced that five men who were hospitalized in France after the drug trial that killed one man are improving. One of them has just come back to his home.

Drug trial in France

One day after the death of one of 90 volunteers who took part in the experimental drug test in Rennes, Dr. Gilles Brassier announced that three of five people were being taken care of by neurology services at hospitals which were near their homes. The other man is now hospitalized in Rennes hospital.

Few days ago, the French health authorities stated that three of the five volunteers who were being hospitalized were at risk of suffering from brain damage. It may not exactly clear that the health condition of the three is overly pessimistic. There would be no comments after the report of Dr. Brassier, he said.

The head of Rennes University Hospital’s medical commission, Gilles Brassier indicated that no clinical or radiological anomalies had been seen in 18 participants, who had undergone medical check up recently. Effort has been made to test all those who were involved in the experimental drug test.

The drug trial started in January 7th, involving 90 volunteers participating in. They tried varying doses at different times, with an aim to testing out the new painkiller, a drug which could treat pain, ease mood and anxiety troubles. After the test, one man was announced to be dead, because of the brain damage. 5 other participants was found at risk, and then was sent to the hospital. Three of them, after that, was said to be at risk of brain-dead. However, after carefull medical check-up, no anomalies was found. Other 84 participants have been contacted by the Renes medical commission to arrange the medical check. So far 18 volunteers have been checked and there exists no anomiles, also.

Biotrial, on behalf of Bial – a Portuguese pharmatical company, was in charge of carrying out this trial. It said it had over 25 years of experiencing in clinical trials.

So far there have rarely happened cases that volunteers fall ill after Phase 1 drug trial, as it focuses on studying safe usage, side effects and other measures on healthy volunteers, not drug effectiveness.



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