Dangerous Fruits ForPregnant Women


1.Green papaya

Unlike ripe papayas, green papayas are not good for health of pregnant women .Many researches prove that unripe papayas containing lots of enzymes that makethe uterine contractstronger, lead to miscarriage. Moreover, the green papaya also contains prostaglandin and oxytocin –they are one of substances that stimulate the birth. If these substances are provided so early, it will cause the premature birthor unintended miscarriage.

2.Bitter melon

The reason is that bitter melon is very low in fiber and fat that is not suitable for a diet of pregnant women. This fruit can cause the hypoglycemia. Besides,the bitter melon seeds contain a substance called vicine – a toxin causing acute symptoms such as headaches, stomach cramps and coma tosensitive women. Especially, bitter melon is considered as a fruit stimulating the uterus and can lead to premature birth.


Medical experts believe that pregnant women should avoid eating grapes, especially in the last three months. The reason is that grapes contain a large amount of resveratrol- a toxic chemical for pregnant women health. Also, eat grapes can dehydrate the body of pregnant women, causing diarrhea.


Plums are fruits rich in protein which is converted to vitamin A when being taken into the body. However, this fruit is hot, so eating more plums will cause overheating ofthe body.Especially ,eating more this fruit will affect both mothers and babies health.

5.Wild apple

Wild apple is sweet, tart, sour, so it a best choice of many pregnant women. However, this fruit is not really good for women in pregnancy. As wild apples have an effect on stimulating the uterus, lead to miscarriage and premature birth.



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