Causes and prevention of external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids is caused by venous plexus stretching, folded, multiple sclerosis and can be bleed, protrude outside the anus. External hemorrhoids may not be dangerous to your life (except complications of septicemia) but it causes annoying, upset and some complications.

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Causes of external hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are caused by quite diverse reasons, including occupational characteristics (standing much, sitting long) and irregular bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea). Some with external hemorrhoids are related to diets such as eating less vegetables, fruit, drinking little water, etc., which cause prolonged constipation. Besides, a habit of eating spicy, drinking much alcohol, beer, using stimulants a lot may be reasons for the favorable development of hemorrhoids.

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Obesity, overweight and hard movement are also causes of external hemorrhoids. Because physical activity decline will affect the circulation of the circulatory system, which causes hematoma local or capillaries in the prone position as capillaries distended anal.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids

This disease has different levels. Type of obstruction and rupture of the veins in the anus causes tenderness, very painful and may bleed. External hemorrhoids may cause inflammation, especially the type occurs at the crease at the mouth of the anus causes swelling, pain.

Patients with external hemorrhoids accompanied by constipation are so afraid of bowel because it’s painful. Therefore this causes constipation and hemorrhoids so more and more severe. The most complex types of external hemorrhoids are caused by vein type strain, bulging or folded. This type usually causes pain, bleeding during bowel movements, making it difficult for anal hygiene, even anal sometimes clog emergency.

External hemorrhoids are painful prolonged each bowel and blood, the veins in the anus to stretch forming tufts hemorrhoids outside the anus protrudes. Complications can affect sexual function (reduced sexual pleasure). The longer external hemorrhoids treatment is not as prone to infections, especially infections in women and subsections can cause sepsis.

Prevention of external hemorrhoids

To prevent hemorrhoids, you need a reasonable diet. You should eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and drink enough water every day (from 1.5 to 2.0 liters). With people who often sit for a long time, you should change your position when working. Each time bowel, you should not sit long and avoid reading books, newspapers. You also should not drink wine, beer and eat spicy foods. It’s necessary for you to do physical activity every day with different forms depending on the conditions of each people, especially people who are overweight and obese.

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