9 U.S pregnant women infected by Zika symptoms


These patients have Zika symptoms like fever, rash, red eyes and joint pain.

According to the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 9 travellers who are in pregnant time have been found to get Zika symptoms, afer being tested. Beside, CDC continues to remind people to take all feasible precautions against mosquito bites and sexual transmission of that virus.

Zika symptoms

It is estimated that 257 pregnant women have been test for Zika virus by the CDC since last August. Eight of them had been confirmed positive for Zika and a ninth was reported from a state lab later.

Two pregnant women had miscarriages; however there was no clear evidence whether they were infected by Zika virus. Two pregnancies had abortions while two other women are still keep going without having no complications.

All of the nine pregnant women have reported to have similar symptoms of Zika infections like rash, fever, red eyes and joint pain.

Zika virus is widespread in Latin America and the Caribbean, causing mild illness in almost people but leaving birth defects on babies of infected pregnant ones.

As Zika virus can leave birth defects called “microcephaly” on babies, resulting in tiny head and brain damage, the health authorities have warned pregnant women not to travel to Zika-affected countries and territories. What’s more, men living in or travelling to these infected areas are reminded to abstain from sex or use condoms consistently and properly with their partners, who are in pregnant period.

Research and study to find out the connection between Zika and microcephaly is a priority. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), it would take approximately 6 months to work out the link, through some studies such as following pregnancies in

Colombia and some other countries.

During that period, scientists will gather and analyze the details and publish the outcomes when finishing.

Dr. Denise Jamieson, a birth defects expert serving on CDC’s Zika virus response team said that they didn’t expect any brain damage in 9 cases of the U.S travellers.

According to Dr. Thomas Frieden, the CDC director, researchers have identified Zika virus in placental tissues in pregnant women. Given the fact that 10 to 20 percent of pregnant women had miscarriages, he stated that Zika virus might bring about miscarriage.

A second report from CDC pointed out that 14 cases of sexual transmission appeared in women who had had sex with males who had travelled to Zika-affected areas. CDC said that they don’t anticipate there would be such many sexually transmission cases.

Many of the women who had been infected by Zika through sexual transmission were pregnant. Up to now there have been no further details about how to protect their confidentiality.

Besides, the CDC have been investigating 10 other suspected Zika infection cases in pregnant travellers.





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