5 tips for a healthy heart


As we all know about the importance of heart to our body, it is the center of cardiovascular system and takes responsibility for everything inside the body life from the transport of oxygen to the efficiency of the immunity; therefore, it can be seen that having a good heart means a happy life. So, today let’s figure out some tips to protect our heart more appropriately and have a really happy life. Here are 5 tips you can apply to take care of your heart.


  1. Don’t smoke:

Using traditional cigarettes, electronic ones (e-cigarettes), or even smokeless tobacco (also known as dip, chew or snuff) are some of the worst things you do for your body. Even though you sometimes smoke a few cigarettes or smokeless tobacco, which also pose some negative effects in the long run, but first it may make you addicted, and after a period of time you can find it very hard to quit or give away.


But why is smoking bad for your heart?

Tobacco contains a toxic chemical called “nicotine” that gives smokers a pleasant feeling at this moment, from that they become  addicted. In addition, electronic cigarettes also deliver nicotine due to the fact that although these products are high-tech, it doesn’t mean they are safe for our health. Besides, tobacco produces other poisonous chemicals, which can destroy your body over time, especially your heart. So, staying away from cigarettes is the best advice for you!

  1. Be active every day:

It’s clear that teens or adults who are physically active usually have healthier bodies and minds than people who are not. Regular physical activity keeps your heart strong and healthy because it contributes to build healthy muscles, joints and  bones as well. Moreover, physical activities can raise your self-esteem, keep you energetic all the time, and also a good way to get and maintain a healthy body weight.


To do that, here are some suggestions:

  • Doing exercises like walking, dancing or cycling
  • Going outside and playing some sports instead of just staying at home and watching or listening music
  • Taking up a new interest such as doing yoga, boxing, running, etc or whatever keeps you moving
  1. Have a healthy diet:

Eating healthy food is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy. Let’s choose food that is really nutrient and good for heart. So, what should we do to have a really good-for-health diet?

Let’s see:

  • Eat much more fruits and vegetables instead of meat especially red meat
  • Limit your intake of trans and saturated fats
  • Drink enough water instead of sugary beverages
  • Read nutrition facts label to have overall view and more tips for healthy diets
  • Keep track your diets
  1. Pay attention to Cholesterol level:

Many people have too much cholesterol in their blood without recognizing.

Cholesterol is considered to be a waxy substance in your bloodstream. Some cholesterol is essential for good health, but by contrast, too much can hurt your bloodstream  because it can slowly build up inside your arteries that cause a lot of difficulties for transporting blood to your heart and brain. Cholesterol combining with some substances in your blood  will form  plaque, which may narrow arteries and make them less flexible and take you in higher risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases.

  1. Keep your blood sugar in control

When digestive system breaks down foods and beverages, it will turn a lot of carbohydrates that including in these intakes like fruits, vegetables or grains into sugar. As a result, the amount of sugar in your blood will be up to higher rate.

If your blood sugar goes high too often, it can overwork your body’s ability to keep your blood sugar in healthy range, which is really harmful and  likely to lead to diabetes, one of the main reasons causing plaque to grow in your arteries at a faster rate and increasing the risk of stroke and heart diseases. So, try to control your blood sugar by consuming appropriate sugary intake as well as paying more attention to your sugary level in blood by checking it regularly.

These above are 5 main causes and recommendations for you to care for your heart to make it strong and healthy!

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