5 common signs warning that you are having a heart attack


Nowadays, many people are suffering from heart disease all over the world. And there are many causes leading to this disease that you accidentally do not know.

heart attack

However, if your body has one of the following symptoms, you’d better go to doctor as soon as possible for checking.

  1. Chest pain and discomfort

Although chest pain is not always occurring in every heart attack, it is the most common and recognizable symptom. The pain often starts from the middle of the chest and the patient will feel like that there is a big elephant standing on their chest. If you get a chest pain, you should quickly go to doctor for consultation.

  1. Pain throughout the body

Most people with heart attack will get a pain along their left arm. However, the pain can also spreads to other areas of the body such as the upper abdomen, shoulders, back, throat, teeth or even your jaw. You can be so painful that you will sweat and breath heavily.

  1. Fatigue and shortness of breath

Fatigue and breathlessness can also be a warning sign of heart disease. If you often feel tired, exhausted and do not know the reasons, there may be something wrong with your body. Fatigue and breathing problems are more common in women than in men and this often starts a few months before a heart attack occurs.

  1. Continuous sweating

Sweating unusually, especially when you do not do any physical activity, is a different warning signs for heart disease. When the blood circulation through the arteries is hindered, your heart will have to work more hard, and as a result, your body must sweating more to maintain the body temperature at an appropriate level. If you get cold sweat or your skin is often cold and wet, you should go to doctor immediately. Besides, sweating at night is also a symptom of heart disease at women.

  1. Indigestion and nausea

Before a heart attack, people often get mild indigestion as well as gut and stomach problems. In addition, the elder with heart attack are more likely to face with indigestion problem than the young, these symptoms are often perceived as heartburn or a stomach disorder. If you own a strong stomach, indigestion problem or heartburn may warn another risk instead of heart disease. However, anyway, you should also see a doctor for advice.



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