Useful tips for getting kids to take medicine


For many parents, one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to caring kids is getting them to take medicine, especially if they have a chronic health condition. If you are facing the same problem, the following tips may be helpful for you.

  1. Giving options

When a kid is ill, they usually lose their sense of control over the situation and his body, so it’s much better if you give him simple choices such as:

– Would you like to take it from a syringe or a cup?

– Do you want to take it before or after you get dressed?

– Do you want to take it in the living room or the kitchen room?

  1. Avoid physical struggles

It’s not a good idea to physically force a child to take pill as it may cause several negative influences on your child. More seriously, if you start forcing your kid to take medicine by violent behaviors, you may have to do the same in the next time.

  1. Mask the taste if your doctor agrees

get kid take medicine

Usually, when a kid take medicine, he doesn’t swallow it right away. So if the pill tastes terrible, he will immediately spit out. To avoid this problem, you are suggested to put medicine in juice or add flavorings to the pill with the condition that your doctor permits.

  1. Add medicine to food

Similar to masking the taste of the pill, you can add medicine to their favorite food with the doctor’s permission. By this way, when the kid eat all the food, he also finishes getting the full dose of medicine.

  1. Talk with them about the importance of medicine

When your kid understands about why he has to take medicine, it’s much easier to have him take pill. You can explain by just saying, “This medicine will help you feel better so that you can back to school and play with your friends”.

  1. Select liquid, capsule or chewable options

If there are available options for forms of medicine, ask the doctor or the pharmacist for liquid, capsule or chewable options. Your kid may find it less challenging to swallow medicine coming in chewable tablets, capsules.

  1. Make it fun

If your kid resist taking pill, don’t make it more serious. Instead, let him have a short break so that he can relax. Also, you should make the medication fun and creative to reduce the fear of your kid. During the medication process, you can tell them an interesting story or have your kid practice giving the medicine to his pet or dolly.

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