Properly skin care for your baby


Washing in the right way is one of the measures to protect your baby’s skin. But if you only wash their body with water, it cannot take away all slime and dirt from the feces and urine of the children.

baby’s skin

Instead, you should use mild bath products with neutral pH for young children which have been proven to be safe to clean up the dirt without causing eye irritation, drying and irritating to the skin. Besides, the hot and dry climate, or too much bathing can also cause skin dehydration, so you should apply the neonatal lotion in the dry and dehydrated skin for your baby.

Moreover, do not wash your baby hair every day, only wash when you feel the baby’s head is dirty. In addition, you also remember to use shampoo for babies because common shampoo with strong detergent will affect the delicate skin of your baby first.

Infants often have psoriasis on the head, but they are actually harmless. If you want to remove this psoriasis, try to gently massage the scalp with olive oil and leave overnight. Do not remove it by hand because this may hurt and cause infection for your baby.

On the nose or other parts of the baby’s face may appear small white dots and the reason is that the baby’s sweat glands start working, but after a while, those harmless little dots will gradually disappear.

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Besides, incomplete circulatory system of young babies can cause redness on the body. However, you should not worry because it can only be the heat rashes caused by heat and it will disappear when your baby’s skin is cooled. In addition, do not try to take away the marks or particles appearing on baby’s skin, because you can make them worse or leave scars. If you’re really worried, then ask the doctor for advice.

In the first few months, baby’s arms and legs can be skinned, but that’s just a natural phenomenon when the baby’s skin changes to adapt to the surrounding environment and you can use baby lotion to remove the dead skin.

A more important thing is that to protect your baby’s skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, you should not let them exposed to sunshine. And if being out, the child should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. However, you should try it on a small area of ​​skin first, if it cause allergic rash or redness, stop immediately, do not continue to use it for your baby.



  1. My baby is 3 months old, however skin is slightly yellow, you can share my secret to help baby skin yellow. Thanks!


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