How to control acnes during pregnancy


The pregnant women should know that, during pregnancy, the hormonal changes in the body will cause your skin become darker with pigmentation. And depend on the state of each person that you have a lot of acnes or just tiny pimples on the face. This situation can makes women lose confident when going out. So, here are 6 steps to help you prevent acne safely and effectively.

control acne during pregnancy

  1. Wash your face every morning and afternoon with mild soap which does not contain or contains very little flavoring and additives. Produced hormone in pregnancy can cause excessive oil on mother’s skin, so, keeping your skin dry and clean is very important. In addition to morning and afternoon, you can also wash your face with warm water at other times in the day.
  2. Gently wash your face with dry and soft towels because at this stage, your skin is very sensitive. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer to lighten the skin on the face and neck. Using moisturizers can also prevent skin from producing excessive oil.
  3. Change your makeup routine, just use make-up powder in the certain time, and only when absolutely necessary. Choose oil-free makeup is the safest way to not clog pores. Besides, you should avoid using makeup powder every day just to cover acne, as some cosmetics can make acne become worse.
  4. Avoid touching your hands on facial area because your hands have a lot of bacteria which can infect the skin and make acne worse. In addition to keeping hands away from your face, remember wear your hair neatly since touching dirty hair on the skin also cause irritation and acne. Moreover, cleaning pillow and phone is also necessary if you want to prevent acne completely.
  5. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is an old advice but always true to have a healthy skin. You should eat more vegetables and fruits to supply more vitamins and protect your skin as well. Remember to void spicy and fried foods such as chocolate or sweets because they can cause the secretion of sebum on the skin become serious.
  6. If after applying the above measures from 3 to 4 weeks without seeing your skin better, you should see a dermatologist. Maybe your acne need the treatment from medication, then you should be consulted by specialist for drugs which are not harmful to the fetus.
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