5 foods causing constipation in children


Diet plays an extremely important role in creating a foundation for children’s brain development, but how to choose the real good product is not easy. There are some types of food that when eating can easily cause indigestion, constipation and diarrhea which are very dangerous for your child. Therefore, understanding 5 foods causing constipation in children will help you get more experience in choosing safe food and appropriate nutrition for your child.


  1. Sweets

Sweets such as biscuits and scones are the indispensable favorite food of children, however, these foods contain a large amount of starch, sugar, preservatives and synthetic sweeteners. Therefore, when children eat lots of sweet candy, it will cause constipation lasts more, besides, these foods are also the culprit causing anorexia, oral disease and obesity, too.


Hence, it’s important to restrict eating sweet candies as little as possible, instead let children to eat more vegetable or fresh fruit.

  1. Dairy products

Some dairy products like formula milk, condensed milk, cream, butter and cheese contain sugar, high saturated fat that can easily cause constipation for children, especially for children drinking less water. Therefore, mothers should prepare milk for your child as the guided rates and let children to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation and improve absorption as well as digestive system.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are foods with a high rate of nutrition, with very good laxative effect, but with the immature stomach and incomplete digestive system of children, if overeating bananas, it will cause constipation because children cannot absorb many bananas for a while. Therefore, the child should only eat bananas in moderate amounts, depending on their age.

  1. Refined grains

Because refined grains are rich in starch and low in fiber so it is easy to cause constipation for children. Therefore, you should limit children eat this food, but please replace with the whole grains to reduce constipation effectively.

  1. Meat

Meat is an important source of protein for the development of the child, however, they only should eat meat with a moderate amount in accordance with the age and development process. Especially, children should avoid red meat like beef, pork, lamb, and buffalo meat because these foods will cause constipation, obesity and overweight when the body absorbs too much protein and lacks of fiber seriously. And of course, porridge and soup that combines between meat and vegetables are still the best choice for children.




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