What causes bad breath and How to treat it?


What causes your bad breath?

The most common causes of the disease are poor oral hygiene, smoking and certain foods.

Bad breath is basically caused by poor habits such as not brushing your teeth daily, smoking or chewing tobacco-based products, and so on. They allow food particles to stay in your mouth and encourage bacteria to develop between teeth, around gums, and on the tongue.

If you are wearing dentures, you also need to pay attention to keep it properly cleaned or you may have bad breath.

Bad Breath

Food is also one of the major causes of bad breath. Some kinds of food with heavy taste such as garlic, onions or cauliflower induce certain odors, but only for a short time.

There are other certain reasons which may involve:

– Dental factors including periodontitis which is an infection around the teeth or dry mouth.

– Alcohol

– Acid and bile reflux from the stomach.

– Certain medications including insulin injections, paraldehyde, triamterene.

– Vitamin supplements.

– Post-nasal discharge, for instance, due to chronic sinusitis.

– Throat or lung infections.

– Diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, liver disease, various carcinomas, metabolic dysfunctions, or biochemical disorders.

How to treat halitosis?

If you think you have bad breath, you can see your dentist to find out the precise cause and then the treatment depending on the underlying cause will be identified.

Bad Breath (1)

There are three usual types of treatments based on how breath your odor is:

  1. Home treatment: Frequently paying attention to oral hygiene is usually enough to treat the problem. You can implement the following treatments at home to protect your breath if it has not been serious:

– Rinsing your mouth regularly, brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue at least twice per day, plus flossing your teeth at least once a day.

– Staying away from tobacco and alcohol products.

– Using arsley and mint to temporarily hide bad breath.

  1. Dental treatment: In case that you have an appointment with your dentist to cure your bad breath, the doctor will treat any existing dental problems including cavities, abscesses or gum disease, and clean your teeth to remove plaque accumulation. You may be recommended to use a prescription antibacterial toothpaste and mouthwash, as well, in order to lessen the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.
  2. Medical treatment: Your dentist will check your condition of your mouth to give the most proper medical treatment to solve your problem.

What to do to prevent the problem?

The easiest way to prevent bad breath is regularly implementing home treatment, especially good oral hygiene and stop using tobacco-based products. You also should come to your dentist to have regular dental check-ups. Avoiding foods and beverages with strong flavour. Using plenty of water and fiber also help you to prevent the problem.

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