Should obese people eat breakfast?

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical, there is a close link between the breakfast and general health for obese individuals. The study, conducted by a researcher team at the University of Bath, UK pointed out that having breakfast could make obese people more active.

What revealed from the study was that the breakfast eating habit didn’t directly help obese individuals lose weight, however, it made them more physically active in the morning and reduce food intake later in the day.

The study participants were divided into two groups, including “breakfasting” and “fasting”. They were obese people aged from 21 to 60.

The first group were requested to consume at least 700 calories by 11 a.m. They were free to choose their favorite food with a condition that the first half of the total calories amount had to be consumed within two hours of the participant waking up. Meanwhile, the second group were asked to eat nothing except for water until noon.

After a six-week period, the research team found that the total calories amount input of both groups were nearly equal during the day. However, while the “fasting” group tended to eat more at lunch and dinner, the “breakfasting” group ate less. More importantly, those who had breakfast were found to be more physically active in the mornings. This increasing levels of physical activity was considered to be caused by the controlled blood sugar.

breakfast makes obese people active

Obviously, the increasing participation in physical activities is extremely useful in maintaining a healthy diet and reduce the risk of developing serious diseases including cancer and obesity. That’s why the researchers suggested that obese people should pay more attention to their daily breakfast.

The leader of the research, Dr James Betts said that although their study had proved that there were great benefits of having breakfast on obese individuals, it was up to each person to respond to the breakfast.

“For example, if weight loss is the key there is little to suggest that just having breakfast or skipping it will matter. However, based on other markers of a healthy lifestyle, like being more active or controlling blood sugar levels, then there’s evidence that breakfast may help.”

In this study, the participants were allowed to choose their favorite food for breakfast. However, the researchers now express their wish to make another experiments comparing different breakfast types in order to find out the type of food sources and nutrients that will be the best for obese people’s health.

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