Enamel Erosion: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention



Tooth Enamel Erosion occurs since acids erodes the enamel on the teeth. Some reasons leading to Enamel Erosion may include:

– Food or drinks with acidic ingredients, especially excessive soft drink containing high levels of phosphoric and citric acids (soda, flavoured water, sugary snacks, etc.), alcohol or even some kinds of fruit drinksenamel-erosion-2

– Dry mouth or low salivary flow

– Diet involving in high portion in sugar and starches

– Acid reflux disease

– Gastrointestinal problems

– Medications including aspirin or antihistamines

– Genetics (inherited conditions)

– Environmental factors (too much friction in your mouth, stress, soared produced acid, etc.)

If you brush your teeth too hard or too much, you can wear away your enamel, as well.


Once your enamel is worn away, it cannot be reproduced. The treatment solutions for the condition, however, depend on the problem. For example, if the disease is significant, you may be advised to wear the tooth crowns for protection. In some cases, it has no need to be treated. In case that you need to take the treatments, it is important to protect the enamel and the dentine underneath to avoid sensitivity.

In addition to the crowns, tooth bonding is another common solution of protection for enamel erosion. It only takes you one appointment in 1 hour to take the process. In some more serious cases, you may be required to fit a veneer.


Tooth erosion will only become worse when you are not taking any step to prevent it. If you do not know which foods to avoid or realize you’re brushing your teeth too vigorously and creating weak enamel, you won’t do anything to change these habits. Your dentist can tell you what to do to stop the cycle of tooth erosion.

Some patients only need frequent check-ups and advice from the dentist to avoid the problem going any further.


There are some tips may contribute to protect your precious enamel:

– Using dairy products with calcium can help strengthen your teeth for enamel protection against acid.

– Limiting sugary foods and drinks: It is obviously better if you can get rid of sugary drinks, particularly carbonated sodas, and some citrus juices and fruits. You should replace these drinks with water. As you drink acidic drinks, it is better to use a straw to avoid the drinks approaching to your teeth. Snacks during the day also needs to be controlled to prevent tooth decay.

– In case that you have dry mouth or low saliva volume, drink more water.

– Chewing sugar-free gum between meals will help stimulus the saliva production and enhance health of your teeth with vital minerals.

– Regularly rinsing your mouth with water after eating instead of instantly brushing your teeth or you may actually make the damage worse. Waiting at least 1 hour before brushing your teeth.

– Using flouride toothpaste and a small-headed brush with medium to soft bristles.



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