How to eat not to suffer from liver cancer


Liver cancer ranked third among cancers that cause high rate of deaths in the world, only after lung and stomach cancer. In 2010, about 754.000 people died from liver cancer. However, this disease is completely preventable if everyone has the sense to actively control and improve the immune system via the daily foods.

liver cancer

 Liver cancer prevention by using these 4 foods Vegetables and fruits

Protective effect of fruits and vegetables to the liver is by the interaction of the vitamins, minerals and fiber…Green leafy vegetables and carrots have preventive effect while potatoes and citrus fruits can improve immune ability.Nutritionists recommend eating 5 or more fruits and vegetables a day: in the morning, drink a glass of fruit juice, in the afternoon eat fruits as a healthy snack. Every meal must have at least 2 types of vegetable.Thus, the total number of vegetables and fruits consumed a day is around 400 to 800 grams. By this, you can reduce the risk of liver cancer up to 20%.

Green tea

Scientists have discovered that green tea has powerful antioxidants very beneficial to the prevention of cancer. In addition, many studies indicated that a large amount of antioxidants found in green tea leaves help prevent the production of enzymes that are harmful to the body, prevent the invasion of the tumor as well as limiting the growth of cancer.

Dairy products

Medical studies have shown that the moderate consumption of dairy products every day, including milk and yogurt, will reduce the risk of liver cancer up to 78 %.Currently, children have a habit of consuming dairy products, but people from previous generations did not. Thus, it is better if you supplement these nutritional foods for your body from daily diet.

Liver cancer prevention by NOT using these foods 

Moldy foods

For your information, moldy foods contian a  substance named aflatoxins which can cause liver cancer.It only takes 24 weeks to cause cancerr. For that reason, the food should be properly protected. Once discovering moldy foods, you should immediately throw them away, especially soybeans, peanuts and sweet potatoes…

In addition, peanut oil can not be stored for too long. If found with strange smell, it should not be used anymore. Otherwise, it will not only affect food taste but it can also cause cancer.


Drinking wine seriously affects the metabolism of the body and promote cancer. Liver filters toxins in the body and it can only work within limit.Too much alcohol in the body causes the liver to overload and be seriously hurt. Worse, scar tissue causing chronic liver fibrosis will be created that leads to cancer .If drinking alcohol with moldy peanuts, the risk of liver cancer will be greater. Men should not drink more than 2 cups per day and with women, no more than 1 cup.



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