5 Herbs to Ease Arthritis Pain


Natural inflammation remedies, such as aloe vera or ginger tea can help you ease the joint pain as well as reduce inflammation of arthritis.

Arthritis is a chronic and complex condition marked by inflammation in the joints that leads to stiffness and pain. Traditionally, arthritis usually treated with anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers or surgery. However, due to naughty side effects of some medications, a natural approach to pain relief now is becoming more popular.

Among the alternatives, herbal remedy is considered a safer solution to treating arthritis than relying solely on prescription and over-the-counter medications. These herbs contain salicylates, compounds like those in aspirin which is proved effective in fighting inflammation and relieving pain. Here are 5 herbs which worthy of your consideration to deal with your arthritis pain.

Aloe vera                                                           

Being of one the most common alternatives in herb medicine, aloe vera is well- known for  its strong healing properties. This is often used in the treatment of small skin abrasions. In addition,  aloe vera gel can be apply to relieve joint pain. Notice that oral aloe vera can lead to blood sugar and gastrointestinal side effects like diarrhea while topical aloe vera does not cause any side effects.



With its anti-inflammatory capability, boswellia (also called frankincense) is considered an impressive alternative of medicine to reduce arthritis pain. This capability comes from the gum of boswellia trees. It has strong antioxidant properties and relieves pain common for people with arthritis.

The key feature is that this herb has no side effects, unlike conventional medications. Boswellia help to regulates blood circulation and blood flow in the areas affected by the inflammation, which ease the joint pain affected by arthritis.


In fact, ginger has been used by Indians for centuries, mostly to reduce pain and swelling. Recent studies have shown that proteolytic enzymes that affect the dilution of proteins have strong anti-inflammatory effects. These compounds give its strong flavor and anti-inflammatory properties.


Proteolytic enzymes in ginger impact the dilution of proteins then lead to strong anti- inflammatory effects, according to recent studies. Gingerol – another compound of ginger gives it flavor and add some other anti-inflammatory properties. It also found that the compounds  reduce the action of T cells, immune cells that can add to systemic inflammation, an analysis published in the July 2015 issue of Phytotherapy Research claimed. Therefore, ginger can be a beneficial part of your plan to control arthritis symptoms and recommends working with a trained herbalist.

Green Tea

The symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis can be prevented and reduced by green tea. Containing  chemicals that blocks the enzyme  destroying your cartilage, green tea will definitely help strengthen the bones and joints.


Obviously, green tea is famous for its health benefits, which has been proved by a great number of studies. Green tea contains polyphenols which take impact in reducing inflammation and protecting joints, according to research published in December 2014 in Arthritis Research & Therapy. It also suppresses the immune response, which considered key feature as rheumatoid arthritis is a disease in which the immune system attacks joints, causing pain and swelling.

Willow Bark

Willow bark was first used in 500 BC by the Chinese to ease pain and treat fever. Native Americans have also used this natural remedy to treat headaches, rheumatic and muscle pain. This natural remedy also was used by native Americans to control headaches, rheymatic and muscle pain. A research published in April 2013 found that willow bark can reduce markers of inflammation.


Willow bark reduces osteoarthritis and related joint pain, especially in the back, knee, neck and hips. The patients who suffering from arthritis can use healthy willow bark tea or use it as a supplement to treat arthritis at home.



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