Wipe out unpleasant smell from your wet feet


Smelly feet are a disease that makes many people embarrassed as it not only makes sufferers uncomfortable but also upset all people around. This phenomenon is because the sweat glands excrete so much that our feet get wetter, creating a favourable environment for bacterial growth and resulting in unpleasant odors.

wet feet

This disease does not affect our health directly, but it can extend our fear and shyness whenever taking off the shoes. Furthermore, fungus and bacteria- the causes of unpleasant smell can deeply penetrate crannies and cause itchiness. Understanding skin condition and solutions will make your smell fresher and more comfortable, you can also go sockless whenever you want, no matter how unseasonably warm it is outside.

If your feet still smell fresh:

If you luckily don’t have to suffer from stinky feet, don’t forget to keep them always fresh by washing your feet regularly with an exfoliating soap. Massaging skin slightly and sloughing off dead cells will eliminate living condition of bacteria and fungus, so they cannot make your feet stink. It’s also important to change your daily shoes to let them completely air out and dry before you can wear them the next time.

If the smell is vaguely musty:

If your feet are at vaguely-musty stage, sweat is the biggest issue that needs concerns; as by lowering the sweat around your hooves, bacteria’s ability to grow and stink will be limited.

Applying a powder to absorb moisture is a good therapy. However, make sure that you apply it a while in advance to make its ingredients active, so that it can work properly as an antiperspirant.

If it is particularly pungent:

In fact, sweat itself is not proximate cause of bad smell but bacteria and fungus digesting it. Therefore, if your sweat is out of control, think of eliminating these bacteria. Tea tree oil can be used as a helpful technique as its antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Unless you can find any tea tree oil in your house, either salt or vinegar can be a good alternative.

When it is seriously terrible:

If your feet are at the peak of smell-level ladder, it’s time to check it out with an expert like a dermatologist or podiatrist. Because that you are in a case of excessive sweat might result from some stuff taking up residence between your toes or even a bigger health issue. Also, you need to consider throwing some more odorous pairs of shoes that can exacerbate the smell.

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