Top 5 types of food for a strong and healthy hair


Many people don’t know that caring hair from outside with shampoo or hair incubated cream only have temporary cleaning and hair glossing effect. Therefore, to have a strong and healthy hair, it must be provided with nutrients from inside by eating following foods.

healthy hair

  1. Protein-rich foods

As we know, the main component of hair is keratin which accounts for 70%.  To synthesize this substance easily, we should eat more protein-rich foods. A diet rich in protein will help you have a shiny, strong and healthy hair.

Protein-rich foods

The protein-rich foods from animal like eggs, fish, milk, lean meat or liver are normally good for hair than plant proteins because they contain all essential amino acids for the body while plant proteins which are rich in nuts, grains and legumes do not include these.

  1. Iron-rich foods

Iron plays an important role in the production of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to organs and tissues in the body. When your body is lack of iron, the hair roots will be affected, making it weaker and vulnerable which lead to hair loss. To balance iron level in the blood, you’d better improve your diet. Eating more foods containing iron will help you have a thicker hair.

Iron-rich foods

Some iron-rich foods includes liver, poultry, fish, dried fruits, soybeans, pumpkin seeds, oysters, cocoa, beef, peanuts, eggs and dark vegetables. Besides, you should also limit tea and coffee because they have the opposite effect for your hair.

  1. Silica-rich foods

Silica is an essential mineral for the health. Our body uses silica to aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals, helping hair healthier as well as preventing it from breakage.

Silica-rich foods

Silica is rich in soybeans, potatoes, rice, oats, green peppers, onions, strawberries and sunflower seeds. These foods should be eaten without processing to absorb sufficient nutrients for the hair.

  1. Zinc-rich foods

The most important role of zinc is associating hair follicles, creating collagen. When your body is lack of zinc, the hair follicles will be weaker, making hair thin and vulnerable.

Zinc-rich foods

You can add more zinc from beef, poultry, shrimp, nuts and especially seafood (clams and oysters). However, too much zinc supplementation can also lead to hair loss, so you’d better to have a zinc-rich diet rather than just eating those foods and taking supplements.



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