Top 3 eye shadow makeup mistakes


As girls and women in the modern life, we all love eye make-up which totally can define our look. Whether you just want to slightly apply make-up on your eyes for everyday or want to look stunning on some special occasions, proper application of eye makeup is a necessary skill to improve your appearance. Eye shadow is something that we makeup lovers can’t get enough of, however, even people having experiences in eye makeup are also able to make some stupid mistakes as follow:

According to a lot of makeup artists, this is one of the most common mistakes. Blending is an important and basic technique for ones who want to learn of making up. However, blending eye shadow seems as a tough challenge for all makeup lovers to have a perfectly blended eye shadow because eyes are a major part of everyone’s faces and this blending step requires a lot of skills. To prevent this mistake, it is useful to use the appropriate brushes and blend until shadow looks even and polished and any color transition is seamless.

woman with curlers apply eye shadow

Mistake #1: Unblended Eye Shadow

Mistake #2: Severe Color Combinations

There are thousands of ways to combine color, especially eye shadow. Whereas, severe color combinations can sometimes make you look ridiculous, even when you’re trying to go for a more dramatic look. For example, if you want to create a blue smoky eye shadow, don’t try to combine blue, black and one hundred percent of white shade. It will make you look like a zombie with the darkest eyes ever. Instead, you ought to pick one tone of blue that will be used for the “smoke” and keep the rest of the eye in neutral tones. This way you get your color fix. If you are a newbie in this sector, try some eye shadow palette such as Naked 1-2-3-Smoky by Urban Decay or other famous brands.


Mistake #3: Flaking Eye Shadow

A lot of people do all face makeup applied before doing eye makeup but don’t realize it is a really big mistake. By doing this way, you will have to clean up the area under the eye until all traces of fallen shadow have disappeared or re-do your concealer. Thus, make sure your eye makeup is done before any other makeup is applied, so you can clean up anything that falls onto the skin before you move on to your foundation.



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