Tips preventing you from pimples


Pimples is one of the most hated things which is needed to remove immediately. As acne will lose the aesthetic beauty as well as the confidence of the people. Therefore from right now, you need to choose for youself the healthy eating habits and often take care of your skin with natural masks. In order to limit pimples, you should do the following tips for your fair skin.


1.  Don’t eat spicy dishes

Spicy food will cause more acne-prone skin. Spicy foods like chili dishes can make your skin appear unpleasant pimples. Therefore, in order to not make acnes get worse, you should  refuse with many chilli, pepper, garlic contained dishes.

 2. Don’t smoke and use esthesiogen

Smoke and use drugs will harm and devastate your skin, which make your skin become aging, rough and lifeless. Smoking cigarette will make acne get wrapped. So you should stay away from drugs or other esthesiogen to take care and protect your skin from acnes.

Don’t smoke and use esthesiogen

  1. Don’t squeeze pimples by hand

When treating pimples you can not absolutely use your hands to squeeze acne. You keep in mind that even you washed your hand, your hand still have a significant amount of bacteria. Acnes will rapidly grow from these bacteria. Besides, the pimple squeezing can make you swell up and definitely leave scars.

4. Don’t eat foods rich in sugar and fat

Eating habits is one of the major reasons for acne prone skin. When you eat a lot of sweets, fried food, excess fat will increase the activity of sebaceous glands under the skin pores. So if you are in the process of treating acnes, you should restrict sugar food such as candy, jam, chocolate, ice cream, soft drinks, peanut butter, popcorn and the oily fried dishes, especially for oily skinned people.

 5. Don’t drink coffee

Caffeine found in coffee may increase the possibility of hormonal activity and create pimples on the skin. Besides, for many people, coffee also cause insomnia – and this is one of the factors causing acne, dry skin. So if you are sensitive to coffee, you’d better to limit this drink.

  1. Get enough sleep every day

A deep and enough sleep every day is not only a miraculous medicine helping you become stronger, more youthful every day but also an effective way to prevent acne. If you stay up late or sleep after midnight, the pimples will begin to appear immediately. Therefore, you should get enough sleep every day, at least 6-8 hours for your beautiful skin.Category: skincare

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