Tips for caring flaky skin in the winter


We normally know that skin is the first but the largest barrier of the body against germs’ entering. But we rarely know how to give our skin a proper care, especially in the winter – the culprit of many flaky skins. Some following tips can be useful to whom struggling with skin’s sloughing and cracking:

#1: Be careful with Shower

The first cause of this problem can be too much time spent on taking a shower. According to Dr. Zeichner of Mount Sinai Hospital, hot and long showers are the reason for skin’s dryness, which impairs the outermost layer. In addition, that you rub you skin’s surface regularly by abrasive loofah or washcloth can also lead to even more flakes, although a lot of people think that scrubbing can swipe out all of dead skin cells. Instead of using those abrasive textures, you can use your own hands to gently massage you skin, but if you depend on those stuff too much, try to use less force to reduce frictions with your skin’s surface.


Another cause of skin’ dryness comes to your body wash. The advice is getting used to soothing and soap-free body wash instead of soaps with high PH, which can sucks your skin’s moisture and crack it deeply.

#2: Using Moisturizer

Remember to apply moisturizer as soon as you step out of the bathroom, so your skin’s moisture can be locked in and nourished. Moisturizer products which contain ceramides are highly recommended, because this type of acid can heal cracks in your skin’s surface. For those who dislike heavy creams, many newly lighter products are welcome, they can absorb into skins even more rapidly than the old ones.


#3: Applying Sunscreen

If your skin hasn’t got a sunscreen layer, you’d better not come out of your home. Because sunshine always damages your skin with harmful rays while sunscreen functions like an armor that protects your skin. A SPF 30 sunscreen tube is encouraged to apply on your face and body, no matter what season is.


Winter is particularly a time when the air gets drier outside, but even much drier inside because of a lots radiant heat produced, says said Dr. Anne Chapas of Union Square Dermatology in New York.

When your skin is properly taken care, it will safeguard your body from germs and bacteria’s penetration, which can easily enter your body via skin’s fissures. Skin care is not just about moisturizing, but about protecting it and making it act like a barrier.

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