The beauty secret of Japanese women


Nowadays, with a busy lifestyle, fast foods which contain unbalanced nutrition are increasingly preferred and make women ‘s skin become worse. However, if this situation occurs for a prolonged time, it will not only badly affect the bowel, but also the skin. Therefore, the regular use of Kefir Yazuya daily will help you have a healthy gut and a smooth skin.

beauty secret

The Japanese have maintained the habit of using Kefir for many generations to have a healthy body. Kefir Yazuya is fermented milk which was found thousands of years ago in the Caucasus mountain, Russia.

It is a kind of traditional fermented foods which contain a large amount of beneficial bacteria, helping stabilize the environment inside the gut. When the environment inside gut achieve the ideal state, your gut would active healthily to help eliminate waste and toxins from the body effectively, making your body absorb nutrients from the intestines better. This was clearly expressed through the pink and smooth skin. It can be said that intestine is the origination of the healthy health, is the key to prevent aging and maintain skin beauty.

One of the important factors contributing to create the environment inside the intestines is the presence of beneficial bacteria. The ideal intestinal environment has bacterial rate 4 times higher than the harmful bacteria. If this balance is lost, the harmful bacteria rate will increase leading to weakened immunity and causing the body easily suffering from inflammatory diseases, especially diseases of the digestive system with symptoms like digestive disorders, diarrhea, flatulence, bloating and constipation. The beneficial bacteria in the gut include Lactic and Bifid bacteria helping create vitamin K and vitamin B inside the intestine.

inflammatory diseases

As we know, vitamin B is an essential nutrient to accelerate the process of metabolism, so the lack of this vitamin will pull the circle of regenerating the new skin in the epidermis – one of the skin aging causes. Therefore, creating a good environment inside the bowel by using Kefir Yazuya is the first step to get a healthy skin.

Using kefir daily will help balance the environment inside the intestines, preventing constipation and above symptoms safely and effectively. To make it easy and convenient to store and for consumers, the Japanese experts have created Kefir Yazuya capsules.

This product uses the double fermentation method from living microbial symbiosis which is protected and recognized by Russian Scientific Research Institutes.

You just need take Kefir Yazuya with a glass of water or mixed with milk and food for children. It not only helps women and children get a healthy digestive system or effectively prevent constipation, but also helps the skin become smoother.

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