Squeezing acne can kill you


Everyone gets acne in the life and we will feel extremely uncomfortable when it appears on the skin. But there are some types of acne which would be extremely dangerous for your skin and if you squeeze it incorrectly, it can kill you.

Squeezing acne

How Acne appears?

Acne usually appears when there is too much mucus beneath clogged pores. This creates a favorable condition for the bacteria to proliferate, causing inflammation which leads to pustules and cystic acne. For those who have an oily skin, acne will grow more than those who have a dry skin and normal skin. Acne consists of several stages from mild to severe. It starts from the formation of acne and then switch to whiteheads or blackheads. Then it turns red in a mild inflammatory state, after that, it becomes more severe and finally in the infection state.

Squeezing Acne can cause death?

Squeezing acne can be extremely dangerous. You need to know that, when you squeeze acne, this means you are trying to break out your own skin. Although in any position, when the outer layer of skin is torn, it will make a chance for bacteria from your hand to invade in the wound.

Besides, when you squeeze acne, it can leave scars on your skin as well. And if you use hand to squeeze without washing, the bacteria will get into the blood stream through the wounds, causing many diseases such as blood infection and abscesses brain.

Sepsis is a serious medical condition caused by an overwhelming immune response to infection. This disease is often caused by staphylococci, pneumococci, streptococci, meningococcal, or E. coli and Proteus.

Sepsis is very dangerous, it can cause severe toxicity with manifestations such as fever, rash, neuropsychiatric disorders (fatigue, coma) which can lead to death if you are not treated timely.

How to squeeze acne safely?

– When acne is newly formed, you should not absolutely touch your hands on it.

– When it turns to white or slightly yellow, you can squeeze it.

– First, wash your face thoroughly.

– Next, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and disinfect the extraction instruments with boiling water. Absolutely do not squeeze acne by fingers or nails.

– Squeeze acne slightly until it is out of the skin completely. Then you use a clean cotton ball to swab the wound.

– Finally rinse your face with water.

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