Simple methods to beautify the skin from green tea


Green tea is the favourite drink of many people. It not only helps women with febrifuge, detoxify the body but also the good ingredient for beauty care safely and effectively. Surely, many of you already know how to use green tea to reduce fat and whiten the skin. However, besides this, a further great advantage of the ingredient that many women may not know is that it also helps your skin become smoother and fresher with a natural beauty.

green tea

  1. Help whiten the skin effectively

Researchers said that the combination of honey and green tea will bring you a bright and smooth skin. In particular, green tea also provides nutrients with strong antioxidant ability helping your skin youthful, elastic and healthy. Besides, honey and green tea also help cleanse the dead cells and recover the sunburn skin quickly.

Ways to do skin care with green tea and honey are very simple:

– Every night before going to bed, you mix 1 tablespoon of pure green tea powder with a cup of boiling water.

– Then, keep for about 10 minutes and leach the residue.

– Put the tea powder residue into a glass bowl and add one teaspoon of pure honey. Stir well.

– Apply this mixture on the skin and massage gently for about 15 minutes and keep for 15 minutes more so that the nutrients can be penetrated deeply into the skin.

– Finally, rinse the skin with warm water. Apply this method 3 to 5 times / week, you will be assured to own a beautiful skin naturally without the risk of dry, chapped or darken skin.

  1. Steaming with green tea to treat acne

All of us know that steaming is a very effective way for treating blackheads and acne. However, steaming with green tea will bring you more effects than with others ingredients. In particular, this method will provide nutrients to enhance the moisture, elasticity and rejuvenate the skin, helping remove dead cells deep in the pores through the dilation.

– You mix about 50g of green tea in the water and boil it up. Decant the mixture in a big bowl.

– Cover your head with a towel and relax with the steam process. However, the green tea should not be too hot and you should perform this method regularly 3 to 5 times a week. Pimples will quickly disappear as well as toxins and residues will be excreted.



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