How to have a perfect waistline like Miranda Kerr


Inevitably, the name Miranda Kerr, an Australian supermodel, also the number one angel of Victoria Secret fashion has become quite familiar to many people. What make her extremely sexy is a slender body. Therefore, the audience is very curious about the secret of her weight loss. Recently, on his personal page, Miranda Kerr shared her secret to get in shape after the childbirth is reducing belly fat with coconut oil.

Miranda Kerr

According to research by the scientists, the coconut oil contains many nutrients have the ability to stimulate the metabolism, rapidly burn fat in the body. In particular, substances present in coconut oil, Triglyceride, will release the energy inside your body in a reasonable manner, avoiding excess fat accumulation in the abdomen. Also, eating coconut oil will make you feel fuller for longer, minimizing your appetite status without affecting the health. In addition, coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial feature which help remove toxic substances, rejuvenating and beautifying the skin effectively. Miranda Kerr also said that coconut oil not only helps reduce abdominal fat, but also help her skin smoother.

Besides, the medium fatty acids chain in coconut oil helps kill the Candida. Excessive growth of the yeast in the body can cause weight gain, increased appetite, fatigue and many other symptoms. Eliminating Candida is an important part of achieving effective weight loss.

The study also showed that coconut oil promotes the metabolism, help burn calories faster. Besides the effect of weight loss, coconut oil is also used to remove toxins from the body, balance the digestive system and nourish the cells. Use coconut oil regularly will help your body healthy, because it is effective against bacteria, increasing the resistance of the body, reducing the risk of cardiovascular, restricting dermatitis symptoms, helping you have a strong hair and healthier skin.

Currently, there are many different methods of reducing belly fat with coconut oil. However, coconut oil processing as a means for weight loss from the Australian supermodel is eating coconut oil with yoghurt. You just need to add 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in a box of yogurt without sugar and then put into the refrigerator, take out after about 30 minutes and eat as usual. The combination of coconut oil and the yogurt will help you dispel abdominal fat quickly. In addition, she also often mixes coconut oil in the fruit smoothies to drink before each meal. The application of this method for a long time helps Miranda Kerr always sexy and seductive.




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