Light makeup for office girls


As we know, light makeup style of Korean is now very popular among women around the world, especially office girls. So, in this article, we will introduce you simple makeup steps that you can easily and quickly perform at home.

Commonly, before make up, the most important step is cleaning and moisturizing the skin to make it smoother and brighter.

office girls

The lip colors like pink, pale orange and nude are the gentle tones suitable in the workplace. So, after selecting the best lipstick, you start follow these steps:

Foundation: Apply the foundation on 5 points: forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks, then use sponge or brush (can use your hands) spread the foundation out evenly over your face and both lips. Apply more a little makeup powder to dry and have a long-lasting foundation.

Blush: Select a blush with the same tone with lipstick and lightly coat on the top of cheekbones toward the eyes tail.

Eyebrows: Use eyebrow pencil to shape it first, start from 1/3 of the tail of eyebrows, then spread gently into its head to look the most natural. Use dry or mascara to keep lines for eyebrows.

Eyes color: You only need to apply light brown eye shadow around the eyes to create depth.

Eyes color

Eyelashes: You cannot hit the eye color, but absolutely cannot ignore brushing mascara for eyelashes. It will help your eyes more soulful and much glitter.

Lips: Apply a layer of lip balm. Then apply the lipstick directly on the lips, from the inside of the lips, and spread out to make your lip more natural.

Is there any light makeup which does not waste much time?

When you are busy preparing breakfast for the family or get up late, you often ignore the makeup and bring a pale face for work. However, the following make up will just take you a few minutes to help you get a fresh face quickly in the morning.

Step 1: Apply foundation on the face and use hand to rub it over the facial skin smoothly.

Step 2: Use a brush spreading blush lightly from the cheekbones upward the eyes tail. Step 3: Curve eyelashes and use mascara for natural eyes. Finally, you use a little pink or nude lipstick for your lips fresher.

With these simple makeup steps, you will not waste a lot of time, but still look beautiful when going to the office.



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