How to apply sunscreen cream exactly


Sunscreen is a kind of cream containing the chemical composition or the physical subtance which is able to prevent, absorb or distribute sunlight to reduce the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin. Sunscreen is considered as both cosmetic and medicine. Therefore, it should be noted when using sunscreen to achieve the highest efficiency without  having any side effect.


  1. Kinds of sunscreen

– Physical sunscreen: sunscreen is used as a shield to prevent reflection, spread the sun’s rays in order for them not to affect the skin. Oxide kinds of zinc, titanium are protective subtances for skin which prevent sunlight.

– Chemical sunscreen: is the kind of cream containing the chemical composition which is capable of adsorbing or metabolising light by the chemical reaction. This type usually has less effect on sunscreen than physical sunscreen. In fact, it is common to combine two types to make a highly effective sunscreen

 2. How to apply suncreen

Depending on the type of sunscreen with SPF higher or lower that apply the amount of suncreen. With the kind of SPF of 15 or higher, it is necessary to apply approximately 2.5 grams on your face. If you don’t apply enough sunscreen, it will be less effective.

3. When do you need to apply

Using sunscreen before going in the sun for about 15 minutes. It is neccessary to use sunscreen for people with thin bright skin, and people who suffer from skin conditions such as light-sensitive skin diseases, systemic diseases ( such as systemic lupus… ), the patients taking drugs sensitive to light (eg: doxycycline, tetracycline…). Everyone are all able to use sunscreen to protect your skin

  1. Side effect of suncreen Sunscreen has little side effects, but it can also occur the following expressions:

– Contact dermatitis: the ingredients of sunscreens can cause allergic contact dermatitis. So when you use sunscreen in the first time, you should try applying a small amount on  the forearm, and wait until the next day. If there is no expression such itch, rash, it can be used.- Tan: some creams do not suit your skin which can cause tan. However , this side effect are very rare.

In addition to using sunscreen, you should use the simplest method of protection which is very effective such as wearing a hat, long clothing, masks when you go in the sun. Particularly, you should avoid going out between 10 a.m to 15 p.m. In order have fair and young skin without being affected by freckles, sunburn, you should protect your skin from damage by the sun.



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