Hair dye can be harmful for our health


Nowadays, many young men and women, even the elder use hair dye to be more beautiful, more fashionable and more confident. However, many people do not know that hair-dye can affect their health badly, causing hair dry and even the death.

Hair Dye

According to research by the US National Cancer Institute, there is 71% of hair dye containing tars, heavy metal salts with high toxicity such as lead and bismuth as well as Paraphenylenediamin, a harmful chemical commonly used in hair dye. Experiments show that if this drug sticks to your face or your scalp while dyeing hair, it can cause skin cancer and breast cancer.

A new study by Swedish scientists show that women who dye their hair regularly for 20 years or more will be at risk of chronic arthritis double compared to non-dyed hair women. In addition, hair dye also may cause scleroderma, a joint disease which cause face and hand skin sclerotic, making patients lose the ability of expressing emotion on the face. Moreover, hair dye can also cause bone and joint disease.

On the market, there are many kinds of hair dyes. In particular, permanent haired dyes which mostly affect our health are currently the favorite choose of hairdressers. During bleaching, oxygen of keratin in the hair will be released, making your hair thinner, more porous and prone to splitting.

harmful effects of hair dye

Researchers said that the cancer rates in women who use hair dye is 50% higher than those who do not take this medicine.

So, how to limit the harmful effects of hair dye to our health? You should follow these advices:

– Use hair dye ingredients from the nature, in the prestigious brand and it must be matching with your hair.

– Try the hair dye on the hands before using it for your hair.

– Avoid touching the hair dye on the scalp or hair roots.

– Do not wash your hair too much while dying hair because the hair color and nutrients will be quickly lost, causing hair dry and weaker.

– After dyeing, your hair must be cared better by washing with the shampoo and conditioner to moisturize the hair.

– Do hair steaming once a month.

– Do not straighten hair and dyeing hair simultaneously.

– Have an adequate diet which is beneficial for the hair.

– Protect your hair from the sun sight.



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