How to get a smooth skin with cassava flour


Cassava flour has long been known as an idyllic beverage and familiar with the cooling effect in the summer. Besides, it is also an effective remedy for treating many diseases like fever, colitis, abdominal pain, diarrheal, heat rash and nose bleeds.

smooth skin with cassava flour

In addition to health effects, cassava flour is also used to beautify. The beauty uses of cassava flour including curing acne, freckles, exfoliating and whitening skin, helping you have a smooth skin in a short time. In addition, cassava flour also helps improve your breast size effectively.

How to beatify with cassava flour?

  1. With cooked cassava flour

– First you mix about 2 tablespoons of cassava flour with a little cold water along with sugar and dissolve.

– Then add slowly the hot water into the cup until it is full, use chopsticks to stir well.

– When cassava flour combines with the hot water, it will gradually change from white milk into colourless and adhesive. Let it cool down for a while and enjoy it.

  1. With unprocessed cassava flour (not recommended)

– Put two tablespoons of cassava into a glass of water with a little sugar.

– Add more cold water on approximately 2/3 of the cup and stir well to dissolve sugar.

– You can also add few drops of lemon juice to flavour and drink directly.

If you drink this way, for some people, it may not be familiar, but it helps to slake very effectively. However for those with weak stomach, you should limit drink by this way to not affect your health.

  1. Cassava flour soup

– Put a small amount of cassava flour and sugar into the cup and then pour slowly into the hot water.

– Wait for a while and then you stir up the powder. Enjoy it directly.

Things you should keep in mind when using cassava flour

– To prevent unwanted side effects, the best way is to drink cooked one.

– Only add a bit of sugar into your drink or soup because drinking more sugar is not good for the health as well as causing gaining weight.

– Children or women in pregnancy should use cooked cassava flour for digesting and absorbing easier. In particular, women with signs of uterine contractions should not drink more cassava flour.

–  Do not drink more than one glass of cassava / day.



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