Foods for healthy hair


Like other parts of our body, in order to make hair become strong, sleek, apart from environmental factors and a healthy lifestyle that is still largely dependent on nutrients in the daily diet . Condition of the hair may reflect a healthy body or not. The question many people are wondering: What to Eat good for hair ? Here are foods very beneficial for the hair

1. Salmon


Besides salmon are rich in protein and vitamin D which are essential for healthy hair, the large amount of omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon is actually more prominent. Our bodies can not produce these fatty acids, which need to grow hair . Approximately 3 % of hair is created from omega- 3 fatty acids. Also, in the cell membrane of the scalp has also omega- 3 fatty acids to hydrate the hair and scalp. If you do not like salmon , then you can still provide the body with the amount of omega- 3 from mackerel, sardines, as well as from avocados, pumpkin seeds, walnuts , or dietary supplements containing omega 3 .    

 2. Eggs

Eggs contain protein, with four main minerals : zinc , selenium , sulfur and iron . Iron is especially important because it helps the cells carry oxygen to the hair follicles. The body has too little iron (also called anemia ) is the main causing hair loss, especially in women. Apart from eggs, we can enhance iron for our body by eating chicken, fish, pork and beef .


3. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene. When the beta carotene penetrating the body, the liver will metabolize this chemical into vitamin A. Basically, every cell in your body can not function without vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to protect and produce scalp moisturized oil. Lack of this vitamin can cause itchy scalp, dandruff . Moreover, sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, pumpkins and apricots  are plentiful suppliers of  beta carotene.


4. Bananas

Bananas are delicious and nutritious . They contain natural sugars such as glucose, fructose and sucrose together with vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, biotin, magnesium, riboflavin and manganese. Potassium in bananas helps hair elasticity, against split ends and reduces hair dandruff .


5. Yogurt


Yogurt contains natural protein good for the hair. Protein is the main component of creating hair, helping  hair become healthy without hair breakage or dryness. Besides, zinc and lactic acid in yogurt is also very beneficial for the hair. If possible,  it is better to make yogurt at home for helping us control the amount of sugar during processing.   Those are the common foods making hair become strong, but above all, we need to avoid harmful activities such as staying up late, smoking, drinking. Healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are the key to bring health to the hair in particular and the whole body in general



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