Beauty tips from oatmeal


Beauty care with natural products is a very popular formula today because it not only helps women to improve skin beauty, but also supply more necessary vitamins for the body without bringing any side effects. There are many beauty products from the nature you can use like cucumber, lemon, tomatoes, egg and another material is oatmeal, which is considered as the savior of women. Let’s see what oatmeal can do for your beauty care.


  1. Treat acne

The first beauty effect of oatmeal we have to mention is the ability to treat acne. So, for those who are suffering from acne, you can use oatmeal as a natural mask for treating acne effectively because this material is suitable for all skin types. Just mix oatmeal with warm water or add a few drops of lemon juice (for oily skin) and apply on the acne area, your skin will immediately be as smooth as desired.

  1. Whiten skin

Another beauty effect of oatmeal is whitening skin. To have a brighter skin, you can follow these simple steps:

– Put 2 table spoon of oatmeal into 1/3 cup of warm water until it swells. Mix it with 2 tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey and beaten egg white.

– Then apply the mixture on your face and keep for 15 to 20 minutes.

This mixture is extremely good for sensitive skin. Right from the first time, you will see your face brighter, energetic and remarkably smooth. You should use this formula twice a week to get the best result.

  1. Restrict the irritation

Oatmeal is capable of healing irritation such as redness and allergy because it contains avenanthramide which is a natural anti-inflammatory substance. In addition, oatmeal is also used to soothe sunburn. You can dissolve this material in the cool water and soak your body in the mixture to soothe itchy and irritated skin by sunburn effectively.

  1. Smooth hair

If you have a greasy hair, you can take advantage of oatmeal to treat it easily. To do it, you apply the dry oatmeal on your hair and use a comb to brush off, then, you use a hairdryer to dry it. Oatmeal will work to remove the oil and dirt on the hair effectively, help you have a more beautiful and shiny hair.

  1. Treat aging

According to experts, oatmeal contains a high rate of saponin which is anti-aging and helps with smooth skin effectively. Regular eating oatmeal every morning or using homemade masks can help improve your health better and bring you a smooth skin as well as limiting aging thanks to its abundant amount of antioxidants.



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