Basic makeup steps to look beautiful


A little lipstick, a little powder and a little blush will make you always lovely and much more beautiful. When you go to a party, meet friends or go to the office, you should groom yourself to look confident and more professional. Here are a few basic makeup steps which are suitable for all ages.


Tools required before makeup:

Cream liner: Protect skin from adverse impacts from the makeup products.

Foundation: You should choose the liquid form.

Concealer: Cover defects. You should choose a little lighter tone than foundation.

Makeup powder: You should select powder form for summer to absorb oil and briquettes for winter.

Blusher: Choose light colors to look more natural.

Eyeliner: Help eye bigger and outstanding.

Lipstick: Make lips fuller or thinner.

You can add rose water, moisturizer and sunscreen to protect skin as well.

Step 1: Clean the skin before makeup

This is always the first step in every basic makeup to help the skin clean and clear. You just wash your face with cleanser appropriate with your skin and wash with cold water. Cold water helps tighten skin pores and reduce adverse effects from cosmetics. In addition, you should also exfoliate once or twice a week for the face.

After cleansing the face, apply rose water all over the skin surface to retain moisture and take away the stain left on the skin as well as helping lotions penetrate into the skin more easily.

Step 2: Apply moisturizer

Massage your face with moisturizer suitable for your skin to prevent it from cosmetics. However, you should avoid the eye area. You pat evenly the lotion on the skin and wait 1 to 2 minutes before start-up.

Step 3: Apply sunscreen

After applying lotion, you should apply sunscreen first to help protect your skin from the adverse effects of the sun.

Step 4: Cream liner

Using cream liner helps make your skin brighter. In addition, it also contains a certain amount of lotion helping protect the skin.

Step 5: Foundation

Get an adequate amount of cream and dot up 5 points on the face: forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, then spread around evenly to create a thin layer.

Step 6: Concealer

Foundation makes you more beautiful, but with the defects such as dark circles, dark acne, burns, moles or scars, the concealer will be your ideal cosmetic to conceal the this defect. You just dot concealer on marks you need covering.

Step 7: Makeup powder

You should use a brush or sponge to lightly cover the powder to the face, helping face bright and better control over the amount of oil secreted.

Step 8: Draw eyebrows

First you have to shave your eyebrows to create a natural appearance. Then use eyebrow pencil with the same color to make a right angle at the top of the eyebrow to create the block. This step requires you to implement meticulously and carefully.

Step 9: Apply lipstick

Use a lip pencil to outline the lips if you like, then apply lipstick, you can use lip gloss in the middle of the lower lip to make it look fuller.



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